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            Hairdressers are a group of workers whose working ability and health condition may be affected by specific occupational activities. Their daily tasks (cutting, dying, etc.) require frequent bending and twisting of the back, the adoption of static postures, long-standing periods and repetitive tasks. Evidence concludes that numerous tasks of the work of hairdressers put them at significant risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Our new article explores further relation between MSDs...See more

            OiRA summary for 2019 available

            Now available: the OiRA 2019 summary in PPT formatSee more

            Launch of low value procurement procedures for the development of...

            EU-OSHA is planning to launch a series of low value negotiated procurements in the forthcoming weeks for the...See more

            New figures on OiRA

            OiRA user numbers have been increasing quickly over the last months. The newly updated OiRA in facts and figures ...See more

            chobby 肥嘟嘟

            chobby 肥嘟嘟

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